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IUPSA is the first union of Pharmacy Students in Turkey. Its purpose is gain new and different perspectives to students with the events that IUPSA organized. Also IUPSA communicate with other pharmaceutical clubs from other faculties of pharmacy and bring together different ideas.

IUPSA organizes seminars, congresses and excursions about different areas of pharmacy profession which are changing and developing. This club works for students and wants students know and adopt their profession.

This events are organised with IUPSA’s other departments. Let’s look at the departments:

IUPSA Agenda: Its purpose is creating agenda about pharmacy and make works for introduce this profession. This department’s aim, to carry out studies by creating awareness about professional problems. It does this by working with a wide range of public opinion polls, video studies and interviews.

IUPSA News: News are sharing at This is our web site where developments in the profession, corner posts, announcements of IUPSA events and news about pharmacy students are shared.

IUPSA Academic Department: It is the IUPSA department that aims to help pharmacy students who wishes "academic career" by making activities on various researches and enabling brainstorming at departmental meetings and taking the foundation of their academic career.

IUPSANTRAL: IUPSA's communication network. Every year, after the orientation and during the orientation, the first classes are recorded, by this constantly updated guide, IUPSANTRAL allows students to communicate via SMS in the faculty. Transactions such as making announcements, taking activity records, and spreading instant news are done by IUPSANTRAL.

IUPSA TV: This is a brand new IUPSA service that provides Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy students, video-based support to students in terms of professional activities and academic development, as well as following the agenda on current professional issues.

In addition to IUPSA's professional activities, it provides communication and cooperation between students and social activities such as various social responsibility projects, football and chess tournaments.


EKAFARMA Pharmacy Summit

Free Pharmeutical Summit

Institute of Forensic Medicine, company, pharmacy and drug store excursions

Series of pharmacy seminars from different areas and other acitivities… 

You can visit to learn more about many events. If you would like to be informed about events organized by IUPSA, you can follow @iupsaonline account from all social media addresses and if you want, you can also be columnist at

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ISPE, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, is the world's largest not-for-profit association serving its members by leading scientific, technical and regulatory advancement throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle. ISPE is committed to the advancement of the educational and technical efficiency of its members through forums for the exchange of ideas and practical experience.

ISPE was founded in 1980 by a handful of people who believed the pharmaceutical industry needed an organization that would deal with practical applications of science and technology for technical professionals. In time, ISPE Membership expanded beyond engineering to include a broad representation from pharmaceutical professionals.

ISPE Turkey Student Chapter is a student community, which is a bridge between pharmacy students and pharmaceutical industry. The chapter is also a sub-community of ISPE Turkey Affiliate and has been chosen as “Student Chapter of the Year” at 2009.

Our chapter is always up-to-date and in touch with pharmaceutical world and also pharmacy students. We organise seminars, career days, trips to pharmaceutical factories, share new informations, developments in the world of pharmaceuticals with pharmacy students and we regularly host pharmaceutical professionals in our faculty. We are always open to new ideas and improvements, anyone who is interested in pharmaceutical industry is welcome to work with us.


Social Responsibility Unit (SSB) is a student's club for to raise social awareness, to provide social benefit, to become a full pharmacist with all our hearts and careers.

Our vision is raise people who have consciousness, aware of the needs of society, working in a group work with personal efforts and  have developed themselves in this position, aware of the problems we live in the society and the world we share, who has universal values for continuity of life and improvement of social life.

     What kind of activities are we doing as SSB;

We organize seminars to expand our horizons for our careers,(Sport's pharmacy, the importance of magistrals, the pharmacist’s marks)

We visit retirement homes,

We open a LOSEV’s stand and donate all the money that we had earned to LOSEV,

We open a bazaar and we donate all the money that we had earned with trusted organisations to people who need

For make awareness, we visit Down Cafe and Dialog in the Dark,

We support Kızılay's wheelchair activity  with our cookies,

We send books, materials, toys to the village schools which need that,

We send clothes to the people who need

We aid foods to animal shelters,

We support blood donation

And we do lots of activities. For details you can connect us on Instagram and Facebook from iueczsosyalsorumlulukbirimi.